Forms and Info:

To participate in the Church Referral Network, please fill out the following forms and follow the steps as described.

1: National Evangelical Statement of Faith

  - Print and sign

2: Church Info Sheet


Fill out your church's information for us to create your church page.

3: Sponsorship Form


To participate in the Church Referral Network.

Download and print the Covenant Builder's magazine cover and price sheets. Create a display at your church with the price sheets attached or send the first 3 forms with your payment to:

CRN 5001 Route 23 Ste 3 Box 104 Oneonta, NY 13820

If you prefer not to introduce the magazine to your members, you can send a check made out for $300 to the "CRN" and send it along with the forms instead of the photo. This payment will also enroll you in our free brochure, which will be advertised on local Christian Radio.

4: Covenant Builder's Magazine Display and Magazine Price Sheet in Upstate New York

Send both forms (1 and 2) along with a photo of your display (4)

As a bonus for introducing your members to our 2 year magazine subscription, when the church gets 10 subscribers at $36 your church will be included in both the brochure and the website, and the church will make a total of $75.